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4 Турнир Европейских Фанклубов Милана

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Сначала они хотят услышать, что хоть кто-то приедет.

Пока подтвердили мы, поляки и итальянцы с гарды.

Ну и чехи и словаки по-любому будут.


Вот что пишут организованные поляки:


Hi Robert,


I think that more teams will confirm their participation if fhe details like place, cost will be known. For some people for sure it’s hard to confirm something if they don’t know the details. I suggest to organize the event for example on facebook with all the details included and than also people from AIMC will make some publicity


Anyway i don’t think that more than 100 people will come so you can book the place. Let us know if you need any help

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Что-то слышно по программе?


5° Torneo Milan Club d'Europa






Dear Milanists!


The Milan Fan Club from Budapest will be happy to invite you on Saturday, June 22, 2019, to Budapest (Hungary) for the 5 ° Torneo Milan Club d'Europa! We hope you will be able to spend a wonderful weekend in this beautiful city where you can meet other Milan fans, old and new friends. Beside the football, you will have a chance to explore the city and to participate in a traditional Hungarian dinner with your other Milanists friends.




Important details:

  • arrival on 21.06.2019 (Friday) to Budapest to Meininger Budapest Great Market Hall Hotel. 1093 Budapest, Csarnok tér 2. Hungary


Rooms are for 3-4-5-6 ppl.




5° Torneo Milan Club d'Europa







In the center of Budapest, immediately next to the Great Market Hall on the Pest side of the city is the MEININGER property. From here it is easy to reach many tourist attractions such as the parliament, the State Opera or the St. Stephan's Basilica. The Citadella is majestically enthroned atop the Gellért Hill above the city. After a short stroll along the Danube, MEININGER guests can marvel at the UNESCO-World Heritage Site on the Buda side and stop by the Gellert Thermal Bath for a relaxing break. Thanks to the nearby Fővám tér metro station it only takes about ten minutes to reach the Central Train Station from here. There is a garage too in the hotel.

  • The 5° Torneo Milan Club d'Europa will start after the breakfast at 9 AM. BME Sport Center is just 2,5 km from the hotel:1117, Budapest, Bogdánfy u.6.

  • The buffet is served by the Sonkamester, they will serve: pljeskavica, cevapcica, sausage, ham and a wide selection of draft beer and soft drinks.

  • During the cup a DJ will be responsible for the good music and good mood.

  • After the tournament, we will return to the hotel. The departure to the dinner will be at 8 PM, we are organizing own buses to the site: it is 30 km from Budapest, a village called Etyek. At the Sonkamester restaurant we will have an unforgettable multi-course dinner and of course the traditional award ceremony and the tombola where you can win many Milan products.

• Kalman Cseki pianist will be responsible for the musci:




Of course we have invited a DJ too, you can ask for your favorite songs!

  • The program will end at 1 AM, we will go back together with bus to the city. Sincet he hotel is really in the middle of the downtown, you can enjoy the nightlife in Budapest. The main party zone is 10 min walk from the hotel.

  • breakfast from 8-10 AM on 23th of June, check-out is at 10 AM from the hotel.

  • Prices:


130 €/person


What is include:

  • 2 nights including breakfast
  • dinner on Saturday night

  • transportation from the hotel to Etyek and back
  • sports center rental fee

  • registration fee


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me:


Robert Kratochwill (organiser)










Please confirm your intention to participate by
20. April 2019
  • name of your team,

  • number of participant,

  • names of paticipant,
  • 90 EUR advance payment

  • Payment details:

Arto Ltd.


1061 Budapest

Paulay Ede street 7-9.


IBAN: HU38 1201 1351 0154 3217 0020 0007



  • Rules:

  • the matches will be decided by lottery

  • Number of players: 5 + 1

  • Maximum 10 players in teams

  • Matches are played on artificial grass, so soccer shoes are not allowed

  • If fewer than 4 people remain in a team, then the opponent wins 3:0

  • You can kick or throw a throw in



I hope so we can welcome you at this fantastic tournament!


Photos from last year tournament:



See you in Budapest!!!!


Best regards,


Robert Kratochwill



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